Mandy Mei, Visionary
[Visual Art + Branding + Community]

You can call me Mindyyy or Manzanita, too. I am a visionary with work mainly focused around visual art, brand design + content, and community building. During my studies in Communication Design at New York City College of Technology, CUNY, I was an active student leader and often collaborated with faculty and programs to make our college experience a better one. Onwards, I will keep lettering until the end of time, leaving behind my tiny “thank you” cards to amazing humans that cross my path as well as wall murals (made with love) all over the world. My motto is Adventure. Make. Inspire. and with that, is the mission: Create to Impact.

My hometowns are New York and Guangzhou, but my heart lives internationally. A deserts and glaciers fanatic, I travel across the seas to dance and climb in places unfamiliar, especially to collect a rock from every special place that helps me feel connected. I also document my travels on Flickr and capture close-ups of wildlife for NatGeo Your Shot. Language is one of my favorite things–it helps me break initial barriers when meeting new people, and gives me the ability to connect to the rest of the world. I speak Chinese, English, and Spanish, and dabbled in Japanese, German, Ukrainian, and Arabic.

As for side dreams, I aspire to be a world hacker, Ping Pong master, and yogi hypnotizer. You can design your life the way you want to live it–just be positive and be brave, and most importantly, be you. For the meantime, catch me at creative events near you! 


Involved in the creative communities of CreativeMornings NYC + NIONlife + National Geographic Society

Worked with 99U Conference // HarborLAB // UPROSE // Industry City // Love-A-Thon // National Museum of the American Indian // St. George's Ukrainian Festival // Museum of Chinese in America // El Museo Del Barrio // littleBits // Materials for the Arts // Groundswell Community Mural Project // MakerFaire // FasTracKids

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