Mandy Mei, Visionary
[Visual Art + Branding + Community]

I am a visionary with work mainly focused around visual art, brand design + content, and community building. With my life motto of [Adventure. Make. Inspire.] is the mission to impact by consistently creating (together). I hope to share my lettering art with the world through appreciation cards and inspiring wall murals. 

Spending my childhood years in Guangzhou and growing up in New York, my home and heart belongs only to the world. A deserts and glaciers fanatic, I travel across the seas to explore unfamiliarity, especially to collect a rock from every special place that helps me feel connected. I document my travels on Flickr and capture close-ups of wildlife for NatGeo Your Shot. Latin dance, rock climbing, and linguistics also keeps me alive and going! 

Catch me at creative shenanigans near you! 

Involved in the creative communities of CreativeMornings NYC + NIONlife + National Geographic Society

Worked with 99U Conference // HarborLAB // UPROSE // Industry City // Love-A-Thon // National Museum of the American Indian // St. George's Ukrainian Festival // Museum of Chinese in America // El Museo Del Barrio // littleBits // Materials for the Arts // Groundswell Community Mural Project // MakerFaire // FasTracKids

Connected with the beautiful cultures and people in 🇺🇸 → 🇨🇳 → 🇨🇦 → 🇯🇵 → 🇲🇽 → 🇩🇴 → 🇩🇪 → 🇪🇸 → 🇨🇱 → 🇲🇦 → 🇮🇹 → 🇮🇸 → 🇳🇴