An "about me" written by me

Life + PassioN

I was born a Chinese American in New York, but my early childhood experiences were created in Guangzhou, China. My heart, though, belongs to the untouched glaciers of the world. I dream of being a global penguin researcher, therapeutic hypnotizer, and an orchestrator for international wellness. 

Growing with Communities

My love for community building started in college where I bridged the gap between the student body and faculty. And post college, it eventually spread to the fitness world–yoga, latin dance, and climbing. I intend to continue utilizing my background in art (making)–one of the most powerful tools–to connect with people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

My Mission

To help others activate their full potential to live and create something bigger than themselves. 

<3 Mandy Mei
Adventure. Make. Inspire.

What I do

Get proactive - list of features on IG, websites, etc? 

Residencies  Artivist Training (NY Residency), BKB, NSCS, Honors

Marathons hackathon, love-a-thon, 

Workshops calligraphy at bergen street